a<amy>& a<adops/all stars> We know… its so cliche! but hey – sometimes its better to do as it says on the tin. That’s what we’ve always been told! With well over a decades’ experience each in the industry, Amy and the team have been involved in digital media from the grass roots. We chose the name a&a because we realised it’s us personally which make our offering so unique.

Over the span our our careers, we’ve developed market first advertising products and launched them. We’ve migrated ad delivery and revenue management systems. We’ve brokered high value commercial partnerships and secured millions in funding to create new revenue streams. We’ve developed new strategies and pitched them to executive management teams in the face of countless market evolution which make the game change overnight. What we bring to the table are our experiences.

Whatever your needs are when it comes to managing your digital advertising offering, between a&a and human traffic chances are we are going to be able to help you in some way.